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Download Cherry Jackpot CasinoDownloading (and installing) Cherry Jackpot Casino is far from daunting. It’s done in minutes just by following a few simple steps. Before going through the steps to download though, here’s a tip first: New players’ might like to know they can play for fun before downloading. They can actually get a small taste of the cherry first! Playing games for fun can give you a bit more knowledge before diving in to play your favorite game for real cash. Don’t stay too long playing for fun mind, as it gets even better once you’ve downloaded this amazing new Casino!

There are some short and clear steps to follow once you’re ready to download Cherry Jackpot. It couldn’t be any easier to have Cherry Jackpot installed on your computer or device. At the top of the home page you will see ‘Download’. Click on the word and you will be taken to where the download will start. Not to worry if your internet speed isn’t very fast as the download will still take place, will just take a little longer that’s all.

After you have clicked on the ‘Download’ link, a small window will appear on your screen. This pop up window will ask you whether you want to ‘Open’ or ‘Save’ the download file. You need to then click on the ‘Save’ button. Make sure at this stage you tick the box asking if you would like the Cherry Jackpot logo to be saved onto your desktop. Doing this will then keep the icon on your desktop all the time, so that any time you fancy playing at the Casino you will only have to double-click the logo.

When the downloading process has finished, you will see a box that says ‘Close’, click on this. Now you are ready to install the software. Go to where you previously saved the ‘Download’ file in your documents and double-click on it. Hopefully you will have remembered where the file was saved.

No need to panic if you can’t remember as the file can still be retrieved in your ‘Start’ menu. When you’ve opened the menu, go to ‘Find’ and then ‘Files or Folders’. The name of the file will be ‘cherryjackpot.exe’ so type this into the white search bar and then you can double-click the downloaded link.


Installing Cherry Jackpot Casino:

Through the following steps you will be guided by the installation wizard. Two options will be offered to you before it completes. Click on ‘Install’ when you are given the options and this will then be saved in the default destination that is recommended by the installation wizard. Should you prefer to save the file to a different destination, then click ‘Browse’ so that you can go through your documents and decide where you would like it to go instead.

Following this, you will now have to accept the ‘User Agreement’ terms. Click ‘Agree’.

Cherry Jackpot Casino will now open and if you haven’t yet opened your new account, now is the time to do so. A couple of minutes is all it takes and after that, you can play many online games to your heart’s content.

Pick up your Welcome Bonuses along the way. Up to an incredible, generous $20,000! So make sure you don’t miss out on this tremendous offer. Cherry Jackpot are sure you’re going to love the Casino so much, you will be downloading in no time and getting to experience the realistic graphics and sound effects for yourself!

Cherry Jackpot Casino Is 100% USA Friendly & 100% Australia Friendly!

USA Friendly Online Casino: Cherry Jackpot casino welcomes casino players from all States.

Australia Friendly Online Casino: Cherry Jackpot gladly welcomes all Australian online casino players.